Basic SEO Tips and Tricks For Beginners in 2019

SEO Tips and Tricks For Beginners


Promotion is the most important step to be a blog or a website to be well known and successful. Of course, you have to increase link popularity and build traffic that leads to a blog or website. A promotional blog or website to be effective when the blog reaches or top ranks in search engines for specific keywords.

Why should the top? Because when someone is looking for information about something on the internet, most of which will definitely choose the top link of the site because it seems relevant to the keywords used. Meanwhile, a low rank indicates if the site is not getting good traffic and less relevant to the keywords typed. Therefore, it is necessary to achieve a technique called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SEO Tips for Beginners: 

1. Choose the right niche This is the first step each time decided to build a website or blog. blog or website should have a primary topic. An ideal topic for your blog to be your own niche. It means that the niche you choose according to the skills and knowledge you have, so you will not be difficult to develop a blog. 

2.selecting Target Choosing the target audience is a very important part, especially for a business website because people who have no interest in your niche or a product is not going to make a relationship with you. 

3. Quality content Everyone agrees that content is king. Created a content different from the others will look unique and fresh in the eyes of Search Engines. So try to make original writing that has its own uniqueness.

4. internal link Internal linking is a concept linking your pages to other pages within your website. So if you have a long page associated with the latest articles, all you do is connect two or three times in a recent article. Make sure the anchor text is also relevant. 5. backlink quality on a blog or website backlinks is very important in a blog, Because backlinks that will make the blog will be SEO again in search engines.

but in any event, should be a quality backlink. submit your blog or website to directories have high page rank, such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, etc.because of increasingly quality backlinks that a blog would be better in the search engines

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